About Us

TWIB was created under the auspices of the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) in 1998, the Year of Science and Technology, to help advance women in business, with a particular emphasis on the application of science and technology to achieve business growth in women-led enterprises, particularly small, medium and macro enterprises (SMMEs) .

The CSIR, as contracted by the dti, will administer the TWIB programme, under the leadership of Ms Tina Eboka, CSIR Executive Vice-President Human Resources and Communication. Part of the CSIR’s responsibility will be to work in close cooperation with stakeholders and beneficiaries of the TWIB programme. The TWIB initiative is being championed by the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Ms Lindiwe Hendricks with Ms Daphney Mashamaite as Acting CEO.

The TWIB annual awards celebrate and recognise women who succeed in integrating technology in their business. Those who win awards, together with those who are nominated, become our technology ambassadors.

A very special part of the TWIB initiative is the support it will give to young women in encouraging them to follow careers in science and technology. This initiative is known as the Techno-Girl Programme.

TWIB cannot fulfil its objectives without the support of technology institutes and science councils, who will provide the services offered by TWIB, be it in the form of training or the development of appropriate technologies for use by SMMEs.

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